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Flexi Engagement – An Emerging Trend

  Flexible engagement can be a great way to change up your career and give you a new sense of motivation - but is it the right move for you?   It's essential to understand what flexi engagement means to you specifically. The fact is that for different people depending on the stage of life they are in, this varies. For some it could mean freedom in their physical space, for others it could be creative freedom. For others just the fact that no one restricts you or your thought process.    According to the google definition - A flexible work arrangement (FWA) empowers an employee to choose what time they begin to work, where to work, and when they will stop working. The idea is to help manage work-life balance, and benefits of flexibility can include reduced employee stress and increased overall job satisfaction.       However, flexi-engagement is also when experts work on a project-based approach. They give their time and specialized skills to different projects at different p