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How to infuse empathy in your marketing?

The latest buzzword in marketing is empathy. Many companies are successfully utilizing the power of empathy to push their brand to the next level.  Some examples: Philips invented a miniature version of a CAT scanner called the ‘kitten scanner’ along with  toy animal characters that were used as patients and a TV screen to dispel the fear of MRI among children   P&G ad released in time for London Olympics 2012 shows the trials and tribulations of mothers raising young athletes.   Microsoft’s interactive site Anatomy of a Data Breach that explains how data is stolen and how one can protect own data. Enhancing empathy not only outside your company but also inside is great for your business.  Yet, according to a 2019 survey by Businessolver, 92% of employees feel that their bosses do not give enough importance to empathy. But what has it got to do with marketing success? The same study says that 93% of employees are more likely to stay with an empathetic

How can an entrepreneur enter a saturated market?

Marketers react to a saturated market in different ways. Many are discouraged by the very thought of entering a saturated market, others find it tough to survive in such market yet there are other entrepreneurs who not only survive but grow in a saturated market. Then there are those who are at the start of their business journey but are unfazed by a market filled with potential competitors and carve out a niche for themselves in this very market.    So what is the secret of winning business in a saturated market? A saturated market is, in fact, a thriving market with tremendous demand and hence offers a great opportunity for growth. Thus entrepreneurs need not be intimidated by a saturated market. Instead, they should see it as an opportunity to tap into the tremendous demand that is the hallmark of such a market. According to Seena Sharp the author of Competitive Intelligence Advantage , a saturated market is a sign that there is a lot of opportunity in th