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Your One-Stop Solution to engage with Fractional CXOs

  Organizations strive to remain competitive and adaptable in a world of rapid change. The role of supervisors becomes even more vital when firms strive for expansion and change. Enter CoHire, a trailblazing platform whose ground-breaking Fractional CxO idea has revolutionized how businesses acquire top-level executive experience. This piece explores how CoHire is the ideal partner for onboarding fractional CXOs who will successfully move your company forward. Topics covered:  The Rise of Fractional or Flexi CXOs Unveiling the Flexi CxO: Who They Are and What They Bring Benefits for Organizations and Flexi CxOs Introducing CoHire: Revolutionizing Executive Onboarding Conclusion   The Rise of Fractional CXOs The traditional idea of having full-time, permanent leaders at the top of an organization is changing. Fractional CXOs are more common than before the gig economy took off, and the demand for specialized talents increased. These experienced executi