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Failed Entrepreneur contribution can be more valuable than the successful one's

We as normal human beings are always enamored by the success stories of entrepreneurs who have made big in the business world
Well YES there stories can be very inspiring or motivating enough for any wanna be entrepreneurs to emulate 
Thanks to all the online as well as offline media making them hero's of there achievements
Has anyone thought, that there is a very large chunk of failed entrepreneurs , who despite of giving all there professional might  have not make it big. Do we even think about 
Why they failedWhat mistakes they madeHow costly it would have been for them to make those mistakesWhat mental & physical trauma they would have faced for their failures
Unfortunately none of the media or forums talk about them , they are not today's hero's as no want to be associated with a failed entrepreneur

Imagine a scenario where all the wanna be entrepreneurs learn from these so called unsuccessful entrepreneurs as to what mistakes they did , some key important lessons on wh…
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Is building brand necessary for early stage startups in India ?

No doubt it is the age of startups as more and more startups hit the market with their USPs at regular interval. But, it is not all smooth sailing for the startups in this ultra-competitive environment.
According to an IBM Institute for Business Value and Oxford Economics study, 90% of startups in India fail within the first 5 years.  For example, Taskbob a hyperlocal, on-demand home service launched in India in 2015 announced its shutdown on the company's FB page on Jan 19, 2017 while the last minute hotel booking app Roomstonite launched in 2015 from Bengaluru, India seems to have shut down in just two years in 2107.
 Moreover, startups by their very nature are always experimenting and do not have a predefined path on which to progress. As they work in uncharted territory they often have to change directions and or their products/services to suit market trends. Often-a-times their business model too changes.
Not a bright idea In such a scenario it does not seem to be a very brig…
In today' world it is becoming very common that one large startup or a big enterprise acquiring another startupThis makes business sense for the acquiring company & the founders of the acquired company also makes some money in the bargain ( in most cases )
When we talk to most of the entrepreneurs they will not admit of selling their company but in reality many of them will not mind it
Well the entrepreneurs should be vocal about the intent, that i am starting the company which i want to sell it off at pre defined time. If this is a target of any entrepreneur , there is absolutely nothing wrong in the same
After all we are in the business to make money

Why is digital marketing important for Medium and Small Enterprises ?

One of the key differentiators of the success of a business is the number of customers that it can reach as more customers mean more sales volume.One of the technological innovations that helps a business in this direction is digital marketing. It is indeed a boon for MSMEs as it lets you reach your target audience with ease, simplicity and at very low cost. Cost is always a concern for most MSMEs.
Why would anyone not want to use the power of the internet with over 3 billion users to further the cause of their own business?
But it is a fact that deploying digital marketing for their own benefit seems a herculean task for many MSMEs as they feel that they are not adept nor attuned for the digital world, they also tend to think that they will not reach their target market or they simply do not have adequate information, lack sufficient human resource and tools to manage the digital world. Here is where organisations like Outsourced CMO can help these MSMEs bridge the digital divide by u…

Get your conversion rate higher from same set of leads

Get your conversion rate higher from the same set of leads Well every company expects #Marketing team to generate leads via innovative campaign’s to generate leads for the sales team to close You will find a very common statement floating around in the companies “ I WANT MORE LEADS” . Nothing wrong in the same but we need to realize there is a limit that a lead can be generated in a specific budget , cos after certain limit the CPL will become constant & the only way to optimize the #marketing budgets is to focus on increasing the conversions from the same set of leads. There are various ways of increasing the conversions , re targeting , re marketing , drip marketing etc..

Stick to your core team to reach the goal faster

One of key reasons of any successful #startup is that they stick to the core #team for a long time. Sometimes #entrepreneurs make hasty decisions by changing the core team due to low patience in terms of performance expected & that too in short period of time. Well the performance should definitely be a key parameter but we live in the human world & changing team involves much higher inertia leading to loss of precious time rather than sticking with the existing one
Well the performance should definitely be a key parameter but we live in the human world & changing team involves much higher inertia leading to loss of precious time rather than sticking with the existing one

Don't be afraid of making pivots in your business to be successful

When an #entrepreneurstarts with his business idea , he works on the same with the single focus but it may happen that there is time lag between the#ideation& the execution stage
We all know that the #business environment or the consumer preferences are very dynamic , so what was ideated in the beginning may not hold true from the #economic or #business sense later on It makes logical sense to make a pivot at critical stages on your business model to make it economically viable There might be lot of experiments required even after many years of your startup launch but don’t be afraid in conducting the same as you need to be more dynamic than the business environment This doesn’t mean the core ideas needs to be changes but the means of reaching the end goal may have to be completely altered as what it was in the beginning These are independent views of Outsourced CMO