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4 Jobs That Entrepreneurs Can Forgo Control Of, And Hire An Expert On-Demand

Yours truly has said this before and repeats it: Businesses are not driven by machines, but human minds. Note the plurality of the sentence, because while we are on the subject matter of human resources, it is noteworthy that no business can be managed by one person — especially while maintaining low cash burnouts and product development. Thus, to “hire an expert” is a choice most entrepreneurs explore, yet letting go of the individualistic control, is not what every entrepreneur is capable of. 

As business leaders, entrepreneurs need to learn how to delegate important projects to expert teams 一 people who have the experience, knowledge, and trustworthiness — to bring immense relief to the business.

 With Covid-19 bringing a much-claimed paradigm shift in every industry, businesses are somewhat averse to “hiring”, naturally, in the fear of having to let go of the person, putting a hole in the business’ pockets with the hefty salaries with their salaries.

This is where an expert on-demand, a shared executive, or a CoHired one, comes in. They stay for a pre-decided fixed amount of time, take up a few short-term assignments and cost way less than a full-time exec alluring the rising ecosystem for young companies in India.

Taking on experts has advantages including cost savings in terms of time and work efficiency, quality work and new growth opportunities. Experts On-Demand with a strategic and visionary background provide fresh perspectives on both new opportunities and potent risks.

By letting go of the control one can gain increased influence over business growth or hire specialists to work on your tasks. Not only can the business saves money with an expert who can carry the values of the business by creating new businesses, but also add life to a lengthy-awaited to-do list.

How To Let Go Of Control?

While it is not good for one person to do all the jobs — which results in putting in more work hours and disrupting work-life balance, a to-do list longer than the day’s hours — this might be the only one space where too many cooks may not spoil the broth.

By breaking out of control you create new opportunities to gain influence from an expert to solve your work. Not only can you save money through hiring an experienced entrepreneur but they will also give you the value you intend to create through the launch of new business ideas.

Thus, a business leader needs to choose between management and leadership. This means that in an unanticipated environment, the entrepreneurs need to choose whether they are managers or leaders — while delegation is a management activity, last-man-standing is leadership philosophy.

Many small businesses only started because the leaders wanted to be their own bosses — thus, it is important to ponder on the question — Are You The Boss?

On the other hand, to learn how to let go, it is important to derive time-cost benefits. For example, hiring an expert for social media marketing will increase the consumer base, as well as reduce a lot of time for businesspersons who choose to do social media marketing by themselves; but again, entrepreneurs need to choose. Say, would a social media manager/expert on-demand role be necessary for a B2B company?

This brings me to the next point, to let go easily, choose the tasks that are easy to let go. That is, prioritize what jobs you would be holding, what skills you lack vs what skills can an expert on-demand bring to the table, would letting go make a difference, and is the idea of having an expert in the team, for a short while, worth trying?

What Roles Are Best-Suited For An Expert On-Demand?

1. Digital Marketing Roles

A Digital Marketing Specialist uses online advertising and digital content strategies to identify the target market. They create a brand identity and conduct online marketing campaigns.

The role of a digital marketer can be that of a full-time person in the marketing team or working with an advertising agency, yet helping businesses go online and reach a large consumer base, is a mammoth task — both time and responsibility-wise.

Digital marketing skills are not exactly scarce, but finding a senior-level expert is difficult. You can’t possibly hire a ‘Neil Patel’, but to remain competitive and relevant, a Digital Marketing Expert On-Demand, at the top-level of your company will help you keep up with the latest consumer trends (or like Zomato, Swiggy and Dunzo, create trends).

2. Deeptech Roles

AI-ML are changing the way businesses now operate and thus, it is useful for every company to have an AI Expert on board. An AI expert trains machines to learn from experience. Some activities programmed with the use of AI include fingerprints and voice recognition, problem-solving, automation and most importantly, recognizing information and interpreting it according to needs.

But, again, the skills are scarce and hiring a full-time AI Expert, is an expensive activity. In gig roles or On-Demand roles, companies have been increasing bring AI Experts vis-à-vis Engineers, PhD Scholars, Data Scientists, AI Developers and Researchers to their teams.

3. Product Roles

If an organization prioritizes making an excellent product, it is not possible without an expert in the C-Suite. But letting go of the product entirely is the most difficult part for the business leader.

Here, it is important to understand that a product has a journey from ideation to creation, including a customer-focused framework, purchasing and supply chain management processes, budgeting, quality checks among others.

Some parts of the entire journey can be delegated to experts who the experience, improving the process for efficiencies.

4. HR Roles

As ironic as it sounds, with HR experts on board, the task of hiring the right people for businesses becomes easier. People are an integral part of the success of any organization – big or small – and the performance of the people determines whether they are an asset to the company or not.

There is a lot more to the HR department apart from “hiring people” such as administrative and compliance tasks, training and development, performance reviews and appraisals, among others. While come small tasks can be carried out even by an employee in a full-time role, with an HR expert on board, the personal involvement of business leaders, and thus, time spent on HR activity can come down significantly.

An HR Expert On-Demand is like having a cool fun uncle/aunt in the company, who shows up occasionally, the children (people of the organization) love them, they bring gifts (supervision, morale, and also the right cousin at the right time) in a small exchange that does not burn holes in the parent’s (business leader’s) pocket.


Looking to hire an expert in a gig role? With CoHire, you can now bring an Expert On-Demand to your team to mitigate specific pain points in your business as a project.


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