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The Great Resignation: It's Easy To Be An Expert On Demand

 The new-normal of expertise demand; why is GigCXO economy a fantastic choice for both companies and individuals.

“….. I submit my resignation.

Thank you.



Typed Ranab as he gazed into his screen, with his mind racing through different business plans of his own. He has 18 plus years of experience with Pre-sales, Business Analysis and Marketing. But with the rising pressures of Pandemic, the unending lockdown woes, the vacant office buildings that eerily stared at passers-by, Ranab took a major decision. He decided to quit, not working but quitting corporate life.

The work-from-home model was not as comfortable as portrayed. With the extended calls over the nights and the weekends, he felt blinded by a wall of work, totally cut-off from social life with zero freedom of time. It had allowed him to ponder over his career path and look back upon the vast domain experience he garnered over the years. Yet, there he was, logging in and out mechanically, every day, attending meetings and calls which had no value-addition! It was like being mocked by his career and achievements. A brilliant domain expert, being under-utilized because he chose to go with the most opted way of career, 9 to 5 job. 

Become an Expert- On-Demand and Quit Your Corporate Job

Does Ranab’s story resonate with you? Hmm. What could have Ranab otherwise opted for? At 48, was it too safe to quit a well-paying corporate job without another corporate job in hand? He had to decide with much discretion! Well, step outside the traditional set-up and there we have several options that have taken over international job markets, too. Expert-on-demand services. Yes.

He can make his expert services available on-demand to the several companies that require them. Why is there a sudden demand for experts? The Great Resignation, of course!

Studies have shown that in recent times, more than 40% of the corporate professionals at mid-management and senior management levels, are opting for an early exit from corporate lives not due to unlucrative packages but for the sake of more mindful choices and time.

India too has been smitten by the wave of Great Resignation. Almost all major sectors have been impacted, from health, education, IT to financial. The noticeable point is not just mid-level or entry-level executives but senior management, too, have joined the path. The concept of being unassociated with one firm, with a restricted time and creative working scope could have added to the lackluster of the roles. The candid question that arises here is, “Beyond a certain ceiling, where is the scope of career or learning-based growth for the person? 

Why companies are opting for gig economy services to gain a competitive advantage? 

At the same time, the question that lurks over companies hit by the low business volumes during the pandemic is – “Do they have to keep replacing vacant positions, especially in the upper crest by hiring somebody even if the company’s budget and resources do not support for the same?

As experts and senior professionals are resigning the high-paid corporate roles, does it imply the unseen dilution of the strategical direction of the company?

Ah! Those are long, deep thought-provoking questions! But much needed. You seem puzzled! Let’s peek into the options or answers.

Hiring or being hired has always the been most accepted way of acquiring talent or acquiring a job respectively. Whenever there is attrition, companies promptly look into solutions with temporary benefits – like a bonus, a holiday voucher, a gift to employees, badges, etc. It may retain them for a while. But when it comes to the senior cadre do you think such compensations or short-term benefits will work? Ponder upon it. Similarly, from the employees’ perspective, when there is an imbalance of work-life satisfaction, no number of perks would motivate them to perform or stay on.

In either case, the result is “Resignation”! What next?

While the traditional method of hiring may appear safe and stable, with all due respect to it, companies and candidates should broaden their options and choose new out-of-box approaches. There is a surge in the need for expert-on-demand. There is a multitude of roles with niche expertise in demand but being filled by underperforming candidates. In some instances, companies are shelling out huge amounts to maintain the roles even beyond the needed tenure. This could be a hard-hitting reality that most companies and candidates who are supposedly creative, are practically stepping away from non-traditional methods of acquiring experts-on-demand.

The recent survey done by Money Control shows that, there are 5000+ mid-size and start-up companies that have opted for expert-on-demand services. 

With 18+ years of experience and deep knowledge of the domain, it is something candidates like Ranab should not overlook. With the foray of the gig economy, the new normal, companies must be open to gaining by investing smartly in the untapped market of expertise. A plethora of choices is available based on exact skill requirements, as more industry experts-on-demand are stepping forward to join the new normal of Gig CxO.

The pandemic has changed the definition of normalcy in many ways, it has turbo-boosted the gig economy where experts-on-demand are rising.

Most importantly, hiring expert-on-demand is something that comes with a likable financial structure too. Imagine having the best of senior experts handling the projects, especially if it is a start-up company? And if you are the expert, choosing what you are working with and being the boss of your own time, what more can one ask for?

To place yourself with a vision-map as an expert-on-demand or to get the best senior expertise for your company, COHIRE is the trendsetter.

Why hire and fire when you can have an expert you require?


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