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Rerouting Success with Interim Leadership


Each day, we are placed in a box of yet another personality type, yet another social class, yet another body type, and so on. It’s almost as if people have stopped believing that there is a possibility of being it all or being anything else other than what has been established. Like there is an adage that a misfit becomes a failure or a rebel. "Jack of all trades but a master of none",  is all we remember from the quote, and we forget that it is still better than a master of one.

While other divisions may develop discreetly, the most evident is segregation based on professional success, which is defined by society only on the basis of materialism and other superficial factors. There are also several additional factors, such as the age at which a person should be successful, the type of assets a person should own, the years of sustenance and advancement, and so on. But, at such a young age, is mainstream commercial success the only success that matters?

Success Is a By-product of Experience

Many leaders, professionals, artists, and athletes have found success much later in life. Consider the case of Ashish Nehra, an Indian cricketer who had never been a captain or had any substantial major league head coaching experience before becoming the head coach of the Gujarat Titans, a brand-new club that won the IPL this season.

Another instance that immediately comes to mind is that of Pravin Tambe, the player who made an IPL debut at the age of 41 without having played any professional cricket before. Didn't real talent get showcased right there?  

We now see a lot of YouTubers in their 60s and 70s who started their channels and finally got successful at that age. Imagine what it would be like to cherish all of the knowledge gained over years of experience, ability, and expertise for the benefit of an organization.

The Answer Lies in Interim Leadership

Volta Inc. announced in April that its Board of Directors has appointed Brandt Hastings, the company's Chief Revenue Officer, as interim CEO. Since joining Volta in 2020, Brandt has led the company's strong revenue growth and significantly expanded the company's site partner relationships. He now leads Volta's advertising and charging solutions businesses, which deliver measurable impact to top international brands, agency partners, commercial properties, and retail locations.

In this scenario, the organization recognized Mr. Hastings' expertise and understood how significant he has been in building on Volta's success, so they trusted him to take over as their interim leader. Mr. Hastings' expertise helped him build an impressive track record in delivering growth for companies and their stakeholders, and his two decades of experience building innovative business models and driving transformational growth for global companies such as iHeartMedia and Clear Channel Communications played a huge part in his appointment. 

It's about time for us to take advantage of what senior experts have to offer our businesses. Most individuals think they can't afford C-suite level experts since their firms are either start-ups or mid-sized, but the concept of interim leaders is proving to be innovative in today's environment. Because of the benefits of flexibility and exposure, an increasing number of experts are considering short-term senior leadership roles. This approach is advantageous not only to experts but also to companies that want to expand with the support of professionals in a short amount of time and with little resources.

Let's avoid defining success in a few words and instead consider the potential of people who are everything or nothing like anybody else we've ever seen. COHIRE brings us to one such concept that not only benefits organizations and experts but also broadens people's perspectives on senior experts. This approach enables businesses to incorporate interim CXOs for a set length of time. The interim CXO then implements the required modifications and initiatives while keeping the organization's long-term goals in mind. It is a significant opportunity for all stakeholders to capitalize on a notion that is both distinctive and viable.

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